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  • We simply love events 

    We believe that the pure essence of what makes events great is meetings; people gathering around a common interest or goal. We strive to make these gatherings possible.

    NärCon – The cosplay and gaming festival

    Anime - Games - Cosplay - Summer - Winter - Love - Youth - Creativity

    NärCon is a series of cosplay and gaming festivals held in Linköping every year. The main event in the end of July gathers over 10.000 visitors from all over Europe. It's Scandinavia’s largest event for cosplay, gaming and J-culture!

    Comic Con Stockholm

    Games - Comics - Anime - Stockholm - Cosplay

    Sweden's biggest gaming, comics and movie expo taking place in Stockholm with over 30 000 visitors each year. The expo is a collaboration between NärCon and Artexis, the owners of the venues Kistamässan and Malmömässan.

    Television production

    Cosplay - Television - SVT - YLE - Public Service

    We produced the world's two first nationally and internationally broadcasted cosplay shows. We cherish the pride our visitors, volunteers and organizers take in being recognized, and we want to further this by spreading awareness of their interests and hobbies nationwide.

    Gaming tournaments

    Video Games - E-sport - Board Games - Magic the Gathering

    We love the competitiveness of sports and want to bring that to the gaming world; not only by gathering the elite of various games and letting them compete, but also through finding new ways of sharing it.

    Clubs and pubs

    K-pop - Video Game Music - Sub culture

    Our focus is to deliver clubs and pubs that you would define as subculture gatherings rather hthan mainstream: korean pop clubs, sport pubs that stream StarCraft Finals, video game clubs etc.

    Concerts and live shows

    J-rock - K-pop - Bit pop - Video Game Music

    We held our first live shows at NärCon 2008 with the Japanese death metal band Plasma Jet. And we loved it. Since then, we have had many live shows and are always looking for new opportunities to give fans around the globe what they want.

    Public speakers

    Presentations - Speaches - Master of Ceremonies - Lectures

    We love to share our knowledge. Talking about what we do, why we do it and inspiring others to make a change. In the process, we've made ourselves a reputation of doing so in a professional and entertaining manner. That's why we're proud to offer this service in our portfolio. If you're interested, please contact us! 

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