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  • Our values

    The values of a group or an organisation is the guidelines which must be followed to work towards the common goals within that group/organisation. These are our values; what we believe in and what we work towards when we organize NärCon.


    Everyone should be able to participate in everything at NärCon. Everything from simple try-it tasks to explosive magnificent shows should be available to everyone. You can try things you’ve never done before and find new friends who enjoy the same things as you just as much as you do. There is always something going on at NärCon and we repeat many of our activities several times so that you won’t have to miss out on anything.

    Refuge for meetings

    NärCon should be a refuge, a place where you can be yourself. It is also a place for meetings. Here you can meet others who are like you, who think like you and who like the same things as you. But you can also meet people who you would never have met otherwise, people with experiences and interests you might not even have been aware existed. You should never feel like you don’t belong at NärCon, but find space to be proud of yourself, your interests and your unique personality.

    Inclusive and available

    We do not say no to anyone at NärCon. Everyone belongs. We always do our best to ensure that everyone can afford everything from food to lodging to travelling to the festival, and we try to make sure that our premises and activities are available and recognises different individuals’ specific needs. Everyone is welcome, everyone is needed and everyone has a place here.