• NärCon Sommar 2024

    July 25–28

    Linköping University

  • The Biggest Cosplay and Gaming Festival in the North of Europe

    NärCon is a unique event. It's an alcohol and drug free festival where you make new friends, cosplay and play games together. There are over 800 scheduled activities, from talks and shows to games and tournaments, but it's the social atmosphere that NärCon is really about; it's a meeting place for everyone with nerdy hobbies.

    — Official Aftermovie —

    Over 15 000 participated in NärCon Sommar 2023 and we had a blast. Check out the Official Aftermovie to see some of all the things that happened.

  • Welcome to NärCon

    Imagine a place where no one is alone and everyone is your friend.

    Imagine a place where you can be yourself. Or invent yourself.

    A place where you are accepted just the way you are, or want to be.

    Where people of all ages and genders meet.

    A place where you create memories that will last forever.

    Where you are always welcome, and everyone is happy to see you.


    Imagine a place where no one is alone and everyone is your friend.


    Imagine NärCon.

  • The feeling was magical

    "Late nights, hanging out with awesome people and having the time of my life! You could feel the excitement and love from everyone there. I felt safe in the large crowd without fear of being judged for my outfit. When the convention ended it felt like my world was falling apart"

    - Susanna Ilves Laakkonen

    I finally felt accepted

    "The first time I was there, I cried because I finally felt accepted for who I am. It sounds cheesy but it's true"

    - Saga Sjöqvist-Dahlberg

    Everything is so much fun

    "Every memory at NärCon is the best! To be there with my oldest kids and hang out, being there with my siblings, and all the friends I've gotten thanks to NärCon! It's hard to pick a favorite memory when everything is so much fun!"

    - Emelie S. Magnusson

    We got so many positive comments

    "The first time I went to NärCon will always be a cherished memory. But my favorite memory is from NärCon Sommar 2019 when my brother Viktor accompanied me to his first NärCon and we cosplayed as Mario and Luigi. We got so many positive comments about our cosplays people wanted to take lots of pictures, which was really fun and made us so happy"

    - Filippa Ahlgren

    Lots of new friends

    "I went to NärCon Sommar with my best friend. We left the night before from Åbo to Stockholm, and in the morning we headed out to Stockholm Central to wait for the NärCon bus. I was nervous because I'm not the best at finding friends, but I quickly found that would not be an issue. When we came home again I had made lots of new friends. Some of them are closer than others, but they are all just as important."

    - Milla Hietola-Lundström

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