• Welcome to NärCon

    Imagine a place where no one is alone and everyone is your friend.

    Imagine a place where you can be yourself. Or invent yourself.

    A place where you are accepted just the way you are, or want to be.

    Where people of all ages and genders meet.

    A place where you create memories that will last forever.

    Where you are always welcome, and everyone is happy to see you.


    Imagine a place where no one is alone and everyone is your friend.


    Imagine NärCon.

  • At NärCon it felt safe

    "Outside of NärCon I have only told a few people about my pronouns and haven't quite came out to everyone, but at NärCon it felt safe and good, and I think that's amazing. I already want to go back <3"

    - Anonymous (translation)

    Lovely friends for life

    "My best NärCon Memory was probably this summer. I have been bullied and left out since I was approximately six years old and have never really had more than one good friend but at NärCon I had so many lovely friends for life that I barely had time to see them all."

    - Wolfcupcake (translation)

    A place to meet my friends

    "My best NärCon Memory is from NärCon 2008 where I met all the amazing people that are my best friends now, 7 years later, thank you NärCon for giving me a place to meet them."

    - Anonymous (translated)

    An insanely positive feeling

    My best NärCon Memory is from when I worked as crew 2012. To see all the wonderful people and the work that made the convention so good was an insanely positive feeling! We were all there for the same reason: we love conventions."

    - Aastrand1 (translation)

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