• Phone with the app open

    Say hello to the app

    We have gathered all information about NärCon in a format that:

    • Fits in your pocket
    • Doesn't require internet
    • Keeps track of all the fun things you want to do
    • Lets you meet new friends!

  • Features of the app

    Ett rött hjärta av papper.

    Social feed

    Available all year!

    In the app you can meet new friends - before the event starts! You can chat, create your own scheduled activites and much more

    En bok med ett rött bokmärke och bokstaven A på omslaget.

    Everything you need

    Updates in March

    Opening hours for food stands. Rules for tournaments. Practical information about your trip. Everything you need to know is in the app!

    En jordglob med en röd markör på.

    Maps & Schedule

    Added shortly before event

    Neat, interactive maps with a schedule for each location. You can also make your own schedule for the festivals, with reminders before each event!

  • FAQ

    Some of the most common questions

    En glad cosplayare med en klänning och vingar gjorda av pokémon-kort.

    Been to NärCon before?

    Almost all of the information previously located on the website has now moved to the app. You can find info about food, opening hours, exhibitors, guests etc. there!

    En scenpublik som viftar med glowsticks. Det regnar konfetti över dom.

    Where can I read about the cosplay competitions?

    Under "schedule" in the app, you can filter for "cosplay". You'll find all the competitions, read the rules and sign up for all of them there! You can also check out our cosplay site.

  • The app in short

    10.000+ new friends waiting for you

    Share pictures, send private messages, get to know each other before the event.

    350.000+ comments and likes

    In NärBook, the love and pepp lives around the year, and we talk to each other all the time!

    800+ scheduled activities

    During NärCon Sommar you will find the entire schedule in the app, with over 800 activities to participate in.