• Our Values

    The values of a group or an organisation is the guidelines which must be followed to work towards the common goals within that group/organisation. These are our values; what we believe in and what we work towards when we organize NärCon.

    Sanctuary for meetings

    NärCon should be a sanctuary, a place where you can be yourself. Where you and your friends are in focus and everything you want to do is within reach. NärCon is also a place for meetings, between new and old friends, between people with the same or different interests and between nerds from east to west. At NärCon you can meet those who are like you, who have opinions like you and who like the same things as you, but also people you have never otherwise met with interests you may not even know. At NärCon, you should never feel left out or neglected, here you should instead be able to be proud of your interests and your unique personality.

    Participation and experience

    At NärCon, everyone can participate in everything. It can be anything from simple try-on stuff to colorful grand shows. At NärCon, you will both get to try things you have never tried before and meet new friends who are as passionate as you are about your greatest interest. At NärCon, things happen all the time, around the clock and we repeat most things several times so that you have time for just that thing you wanted to do.

    Open to all, inclusive

    At NärCon, we do not say no to anyone. Everyone can join. It does not matter if you are young or old, it does not matter if you are a cosplayer or gaming nerd and it does not matter if you are poor or rich. NärCon has always been as cheap as possible and we do our best so that everyone can afford everything from food to travel so that no one is shut out. Everyone is welcome, everyone is needed and everyone gets a place. That's how we have always worked.


    We gather at NärCon because we feel that we belong here and everyone who shares that feeling we have something in common with. At NärCon we respect each other, we listen to and take care of each other - but above all we have crazy fun together. We're here to have fun. Because we are NärCon!

    Our roots

    The year was 2002. It was the year when an ordinary nerd decided to start a convention. They had attended the classic gaming convention of the time and wanted to do a similar event but at the same time wanted the convention to not only revolve around board games but also be about their other interests; video and computer games as well as anime and music games from Japan. This is how NärCon was created.


    Over time, more and more people became involved in NärCon and the organizers brought impressions from different places. We were inspired by scout camps, music festivals, anime conventions and LAN partys. Soon we had created something unique, more and more visitors came and started to shape the event according to their interests. This is how Sweden's first multi-convention was created.


    The development did not stop there. Today, NärCon is a gaming and cosplay festival, but a lot of other interests also fit into the event. And we are far from done. NärCon will always change and develop in step with the visitors and the community. But even though we get bigger and cooler every year, it's important to remember that it all started with that ordinary nerd and their interests more than twenty years ago.

  • NärCon is also ...

    A meeting place

    NärCon is a meeting place for people with nerdy interests. A place to meet the friends you know and those you have not met yet.

    Ideas that change

    NärCon is a collection of ideas that are changed and developed by those who participate. Everyone is welcome to improve something old or create something new.


    NärCon accommodates those who are like you, think like you and like the same things as you but also those who are the opposite and have interests you do not even know.

    Free from thresholds

    NärCon has no thresholds and you do not need any prior knowledge or equipment. No matter who you are, you can participate, have fun and learn something new.

    Proud nerds

    NärCon is a tribute to nerds, nerdiness and nerd culture. It is with pride that we call ourselves nerds and our meeting place a nerd festival.


    NärCon is non-partisan but at the same time the opposite of apolitical. It is a movement that cares, that wants to make itself heard and that wants to change society for the better.

    Constantly growing

    NärCon's values ​​change and grow constantly. They reflect the present, current societal issues and what young people in Sweden are passionate about.

    For all good things

    NärCon works for the equal value of all individuals, regardless of interest, age, gender, orientation, ethnicity, religion, physical and mental health, social class or functional variation.

    Against all bad things

    NärCon works against all movements that do not share our values ​​of equal value for all. Such as racism, homophobia, transphobia, funkophobia, class contempt and fine culture.


    NärCon is feminist, anti-fascist and body positive. It is a place to vent their frustration over the world's injustices but also a platform for reflection and discussion.

    Built on love

    NärCon is a glimpse of a brighter future and part of the international movement that wants to build a better world. A world based on love and equality.

    On the way forward

    NärCon is a feeling. A movement. A story. Constantly moving forward, towards infinity and beyond.