• NärCon's rules

    Last update: 2022-03-12

    If there is any difference between the rules listed here and those in Swedish, then the Swedish ones apply.

    Rules of order

    Violation of these can lead to reprimand, cut ribbon and expulsion from the area. In serious cases, we will also report to the police. If you feel that someone is not following the rules, contact our security hosts.

    • Knives, other sharp objects and sharp weapons are strictly forbidden by law. Special rules apply to cosplay and are listed below.
    • No animals are welcome in the area. Exceptions are made for service dogs on duty upon presentation of a certificate of need issued by the county council or equivalent.
    • Upholstered furniture must not be brought into the area. This also applies to other bulky items that do not belong to cosplay.
    • NärCon reserves the right to request permission to visit you and / or your packing at any time. In case of refusal, you may be expelled from the area.
    • NärCon does not accept any form of violations. If you have been violated, talk to a security guard and they will help you.
    • Respect NärCon's staff and follow all instructions from officials.
    • If you see a quarrel, always call a security guard. Never get yourself involved.
    • Emergency exits and fire escapes must not be blocked at all. Do not put things there. If this happens, they will be moved.
    • If the fire alarm goes off, go out immediately without picking up anything. No matter what you do, your safety is paramount.
    • People under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs will be rejected and appropriate authorities will be informed of what has happened.
    • All forms of illegal access to the convention are reported to the police.
    • All forms of shoplifting are reported to the police.
    • You only sleep in dormitories or at camping.
    • It is not allowed to eat in the dormitories.
    • No open fire is allowed in the area. This also applies to the campsite.
    • Crowdsurfing during stage shows is prohibited.

    Comfort rules

    Violation of these leads to reprimand. If you feel that someone is not following the rules, contact our security hosts.

    • Respect everyone at NärCon, regardless of background.
    • Ask permission before taking a picture of a person. It is not only polite but often contributes to better pictures as well.
    • Ask permission before touching anyone or anyone's things.
    • We do not use insults when we talk to or about each other. *

    * In the event of extreme violations that fall under Sweden's laws for discrimination, a police report will be made according to the victim's wishes and the person who subjected someone to the violation may be expelled from the area. This includes similar expressions in all languages ​​and with gestures.

    • Show respect for other people's allergies.
    • NärCon is not responsible for any personal belongings that you store in the dormitories or anywhere at the convention.
    • Do not spray hair spray indoors. It will be super hard for everyone.
    • Smoking is only done in specified places. This also applies to e-cigarettes.
    • Put rubbish and deposit in rubbish bins, not on the ground.
    • Try not to put rubbish in, or pile on, any overflowing bins. Throw your rubbish in another rubbish bin and let us know where it needs to be emptied.
    • Take care of yourself. Remember D.E.S.U:
      • Drink. Drink a lot, and remember that many soft drinks are diuretic. Water is the Drink of Life.
      • Eat. Eat delicious food, it's tasty and good for you.
      • Sleep. Sleep several hours straight, at least 6 hours a night. It's more fun to have fun when you're rested.
      • Use showers. Shower and take care of your hygiene. We appreciate each other's company more when we smell fresh.
  • Rules for cosplay props

    • Your props, eg weapons, must be allowed according to Swedish law.
    • It is forbidden to use nails, sharp edges or the like if these can harm people.
    • It is forbidden to have swords, knifes and other metal weapons out in the open. During cosplay photography and on stage, you will of course be allowed to pose with your weapon, but at all other times it must be hidden.
    • Weapon replicas of modern pistols, such as airsoft, must have a safety plug in the muzzle tube and otherwise be clearly harmless.
    • If your weapon obviously does not look like something that could be dangerous to others (eg a weapon in papier maiché or the like) then you do not have to worry about breaking our rules.
    • NärCon's security hosts and organizers reserve the right to check at any time that your particular weapon you are carrying does not violate the regulations.

    Common sense and etiquette in dormitories

    • The dormitories are for sleeping. We talk, hype and play games (even mobile games on silent) outside.
    • Get your sleeping place ready well in advance during the day. Avoid starting to pump mattress in the middle of the night when others are sleeping.
    • Do not move other people's stuff. Ask an official or the owner himself to move things if they are in the way.
    • Avoid taking up too much space with your things.
    • Emergency exits and fire escapes must not be blocked at all. Do not put things there.
    • It is not allowed to eat in the dormitories.